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KTH Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

As a doctoral student at KTH, you have time for reflection and discussions with knowledgeable colleagues. Your development takes place naturally through your progression in research projects and with the help of courses that are available.

You are part of a larger context. You often work in supervisors' research groups, where your research project is an important piece in the puzzle. The supervisors will guide you in your research and your development towards being an independent researcher.

You need to be goal-oriented, have your own driving force and be willing to take responsibility for your own development. You need curiosity and determination.

You will network with colleagues at other universities, the industry and other organisations.

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Arkitektur, Byggkonstruktion, Byggprojektledning, Fastighetsekonomi, Fastighetsförmedling, Fastighetsförvaltning, Fastighetsjuridik, Forskning, Geografisk IT, Geoteknik, Miljöteknik, Stadsplanering, Trafikplanering, Annat


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KTH Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

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